Our Restaurant Menu - HD

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Developer: Proctele AB
19.99 USD

This app is for restaurant owners and individuals interested in food who want to offer something extra.

As a restaurateur, you can present the menu in an attractive way with images and text.
As an individual, you can in pictures and text present the evenings menu to your guests on your iPad. Before they come you can email an internet-link to the menu to them, so they can see it on their iPhone or iPod touch.

The app can do the following:
- Present the menu as a list of dishes.
- Present each dish separately with images and text.
- Sort dishes on the list by type, such as appetizers, meat dishes, desserts, drinks.
- Sort dishes by day of week, ie Monday, Tuesday, etc. In that way it becomes a week-menu.
- Show the dish name, price, detailed description and picture.
- View the restaurants logo on the menu.
- View the restaurants contact information on the menu.
- Email the menu and all information about the dishes to another iPad, which has the app installed. Good feature if you use multiple iPads in the restaurant.

Email an internet-link to the menu. In that way you can spread the menu as a kind of newsletter. Restaurant contact information is also available at the link (if you entered it into the app). To do this you need to email your menu to us at admin@proctele.se. We will then create a website and put your menu there. To see what your menu would look like on the net, please direct the web-browser in your iPhone or iPod touch to ourrestmenu.appspot.com/default, which features a nonsense menu created with this app.

Advantages for restaurant owners:
- Can attract customers. ”They have the menu on an iPad”
- Displays beautiful pictures of tasty dishes.
- Clear information about the dishes.
- Works equally well with iPad in a horizontal position as in the vertical.
- Change the information about the dishes in a jiffy.
- No printing involved in menu production, thus quick and cheap.

Benefits for the guests:
- A different and fun way to study a menu.
- Easy to browse through the dishes.
- Quite a lot of information about each dish.
- A chance to try out an iPad.

Note: You cannot make a printable menu card with this app. The app presents your menu on the iPad where your guest can read it.

There are no recurring costs for this app; you pay only when you download it.

The app has an edit mode and a usage mode. In edit mode, you can edit the details of the dishes. In usage mode you can not. The switch between the modes is among the iPads settings.

Follow these steps to enter your menu in the app:
- Photograph the dishes you want pictures of in the app.
- Copy the images to your iPad with iTunes.
- Start the the app.
- Enter information, dish for dish in the app.

Make a backup of the information you have entered by sending an email to yourself from the app.
When you are satisfied with the menus presentation in the app, its time to switch to usage mode by going to the iPads settings. When the app is in usage mode no changes can be made to your menu. You can always switch between modes by going to the device settings.